Month: June 2021

Living with a ring?

Ear Wax Your Tinnitus

Ear Wax and Tinnitus – Some effective over the counter products to try, from ENT DR. JC Hodge

Hi, my name is Dr JC Hodge. I’m an ENT specialist from South Australia and a founding member of Tinnitus Treatment. I’m here to talk to you about earwax and tinnitus. Earwax can aggravate your tinnitus if it completely blocks the ear canal. So, if there’s a little pathway of air between in the ear…
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Tinnitus Treatment with App

Treat Your Tinnitus With Our Innovative Tinnitus App!

Tinnitus can often be debilitating for those who suffer from severe symptoms, and there is a lack of affordable and accessible treatment plans currently on the market. That is why the team at Tinnitus Treatment have developed this Tinnitus App that aims to alleviate some common symptoms and assist patients with managing their tinnitus. By…
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