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Living with a ring?

Treat Your Tinnitus With Our Innovative Tinnitus App!

Tinnitus can often be debilitating for those who suffer from severe symptoms, and there is a lack of affordable and accessible treatment plans currently on the market. That is why the team at Tinnitus Treatment have developed this Tinnitus App that aims to alleviate some common symptoms and assist patients with managing their tinnitus. By…
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Tinnitus New Sleep Mode

Introducing The New Functionality For Our Tinnitus Relief App

Dr. Hodge and the other tinnitus specialists at Tinnitus Treatment are always looking for new ways to improve our tinnitus-related products and services. One way we have helped combat the ear ringing sound that our patients experience due to tinnitus is through our cutting-edge tinnitus relief app. Our app presents the user with a counter…
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tinnitus symptoms min

How To Minimise Symptoms Of Tinnitus Alongside Specialist Care

Tinnitus is an obscure, subjective sound that persists inside a patient’s head and can present itself as a buzzing, ringing, humming, hissing, or even shrieking. Although it poses no life-threatening impacts on one’s health, it can be distressing and even scary for those experiencing it. As tinnitus specialists, we find that this is most common…
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A Treatment Plan To Ease The Incessant Ringing Noise In Your Ear

A ringing noise in the ear, officially known as tinnitus, can result from several things. Many people incorrectly categorise this condition as a disease. However, it is a symptom of the state of your auditory system. So, where does the ringing come from, and how is it treated? Usually, the ringing is caused by damaged…
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tinnitus remedies Blog Banner

Tinnitus Remedies: Supplements You Need To Help Improve Tinnitus

Dr John-Charles Hodge, MBBS, MA, MRCS, FRACS, Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) medical specialist with over 20 years of industry experience in the UK and Australia shares ongoing tips on how to cope with tinnitus. Are There Additional Supplements That Can Help Your Tinnitus? Previously, Dr Hodge has discussed magnesium, zinc and Vitamin B12 but…
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Does Alcohol Affect My Tinnitus?

Dr John-Charles Hodge, MBBS, MA, MRCS, FRACS, Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) medical specialist with over 20 years of industry experience in the UK and Australia shares ongoing tips with us on how to cope with tinnitus. Watch the video here. Dr Hodge is passionate about seeking quality of life improvements for sufferers of tinnitus.…
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tinnitus affect your hearing

Can Tinnitus Make You Deaf?

For most people, we find that as we age, we incur a varying quantity of age-related hearing loss. It is different from person to person as our lifestyle, and our genetics contribute to the longevity of our hearing. The age-related loss usually occurs in the high-frequency bandwidth as this part of the inner ear is…
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How To Sleep With Tinnitus

Does tinnitus affect your sleep? Absolutely. As you know, our response to sounds at night is far greater as the “white noise” of day time life is no longer helping your brain block out repetitive noises. Perhaps you have had a dripping tap in the bathroom before? That tiny dripping noise repeating over and over…
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Effects of Tinnitus

Physiological And Emotional Effects of Tinnitus

Tinnitus can have a significant effect on the quality of life. It has been linked to physical decline, communication challenges, social avoidance, depression, anxiety, concentration difficulties, insomnia, or headaches. Quality Of Life Outcomes of tinnitus impacts have included job loss, marital relationship breakdown, failure to keep up with studying requirements, emotional stress and a self-isolation…
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Tinnitus Treatment Training

How The Tinnitus Treatment App Works

As an acoustic equivalent of “rubbing the head”, the Tinnitus Treatment App trains the individual’s brain to ignore their tinnitus symptoms. How does the app do this? Well, it uses the same neurological process that reduces the sensation of pain when a person rubs their head after it has been knocked. As an acoustic neuromodulator,…
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