How it Works

This treatment trains your brain to ignore your tinnitus, it can be delivered as you sleep or you can listen during the day. It first identifies your tinnitus frequency and then programmes a narrow band noise centred on your particular tinnitus frequency, that when played back just below the volume of your tinnitus it will train your brain to ignore your tinnitus.

The more you listen to your treatment, the better the results. This uses the same neurological process that reduces the sensation of pain when you rub a knocked head. Young children who fall and bump their head work out quickly that if you rub the sore spot it gets better quicker.

Please note that some users may become more aware of their tinnitus upon treatment commencement, but this subsides.

This treatment is the acoustic equivalent of "rubbing the head".

The treatment

Who is Suitable?

Everyone over the age of 18 years who has tinnitus is suitable, no matter what the underlying cause. For the treatment to work you must however be able to identify your tinnitus frequency.

Check your suitability

Check you can hear your frequency.

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