Sleep Away Tinnitus

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Sleep Away Tinnitus

NEW Sleep Mode & Sound Therapy functionality!

Australia’s only award winning, medically designed Tinnitus Treatment App on the market. 75% of users report improvement in just 6 weeks of using the App. We are so confident this App will help you, we are pleased to offer you a Money Back Guarantee!

Why you’ll love our Tinnitus Treatment App:

Dr. Hodge Is Offering a Money Back Guarantee!

How To Listen in Sleep Mode

Listen to your treatment while you sleep. Your treatment is designed to be listen to in conjunction with sound therapy. Sound therapy is relaxing and has been shown to provide a deeper more restful sleep, so you become even more responsive to your tinnitus treatment and wake up refreshed. Once your sound therapy is finished it will seamlessly fade into your pre-set tinnitus treatment, so you sleep away tinnitus.

The treatment & sound therapy can be completed anytime, anywhere. We recommend that you listen for up to 2 hours a day/night and do not exceed 4 hours listening.

The treatment and sound therapy can be completed anytime, anywhere. We recommend that you listen for up to 2 hours a day/night, 5 days per week and do not exceed 4 hours listening at any one time.

Before starting treatment, you will need to answer 5 simple questions (FiveQ) about how your tinnitus affects your quality of life. This will give you an overall score out of 100, the higher the score the worse your tinnitus affects you. The FiveQ will need to be recorded so you can monitor your progress over time. Based on your FiveQ improvement and hours that you listen, we will provide feedback to fine tune your usage.

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Premium Subscription – Includes Sleep Mode & Sound Therapy
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Annual $239.88 $149.99 (SAVE 37%)