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Dr John Charles Hodge, Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist has developed and designed this treatment.

What is ringing in my ears?

Tinnitus is typically high frequency and described as a ringing or buzzing sound.

This Treatment

Custom designed treatment that you can listen to anytime of the day or at night. This treatment trains your brain to ignore your tinnitus. It first identifies your tinnitus frequency and then programmes a narrow band noise centred on your particular tinnitus frequency, that when played back, will train your brain to ignore your tinnitus.

The more you use the treatment, the quicker your brain will learn to ignore your tinnitus. Initially, it should be used day or night, for at least 2 hours as you go about your daily activities or while you sleep. If you use the treatment while in sleep mode, you can listen to the entire 2 hour Tinnitus Treatment while you sleep, book-ended with our sound therapy.

Sleep Mode & Sound Therapy

The new sleep mode was designed to make treatment even easier. A 2 hour treatment block can be listened to every night whilst you sleep. This can also be combined with sound therapy both at the start and end of your treatment package. Sound therapy at the start of your treatment will help you go off to sleep by reducing the apparent loudness of your tinnitus. Once your selected sound therapy is finished, it will seamlessly fade into your pre-set Tinnitus Treatment.

Our Vision

To provide an affordable & easily accessible treatment for tinnitus sufferers via our website or Tinnitus App, that eliminates geographical barriers, avoiding the need for face-to-face specialist appointments.


These questions have been designed to determine the impact Tinnitus is having on your quality of life. By completing these questions regularly, we can monitor the effect this treatment is having on your symptoms and make recommendations to maximise your treatment outcomes.

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