How To Minimise Symptoms Of Tinnitus Alongside Specialist Care

How To Minimise Symptoms Of Tinnitus Alongside Specialist Care

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Tinnitus is an obscure, subjective sound that persists inside a patient’s head and can present itself as a buzzing, ringing, humming, hissing, or even shrieking. Although it poses no life-threatening impacts on one’s health, it can be distressing and even scary for those experiencing it. As tinnitus specialists, we find that this is most common with patients over the age of 55 or those experiencing various degrees of hearing loss. Because tinnitus can be so distressing and disruptive to one’s normal routine, we recommend trying these methods to help with tinnitus care, thus allowing you to live a full life.

Try Our App  

With any early signs or symptoms of tinnitus sound, it’s best to start treating it right away to give your body the chance to slow down the severity of symptoms. Our app provides a counter sound wave that will help to dull out the patient’s subjective persistent ringing or buzzing. This is best performed for around two hours per day with headphones. We have created a video with the full explanation which we recommend watching. Click here to watch our full video.

You can download the App on iOS here or you can download the App for Android here

Relaxation Exercises  

One of the main contributors to worsening this condition is stress. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that the patient is willing to alleviate activity that piles on the stress and put aside plenty of time to partake in activities that help manage stress. Some examples of this are Yoga, Meditation, or light exercise. Everyone has their own preferences for relaxation, so it’s best to explore which one works best for you. One however that cannot be denied is sleep. Plenty of good sleep (about 8 hours) should be top of the list along with these practices.

Nutrition Is Key  

Adopting a nutritious diet is beneficial for many reasons. Still, it is hard to know if certain foods and drinks directly improve or worsen the tinnitus symptoms. However, we do recommend exploring it. This can be done by cutting certain things out of your diet and seeing if there’s any effect on the severity of the sound heard. If not, then the patient can reintroduce that food type and try another food type. For a detailed explanation of what foods can help watch here.

By implementing these recommended methods for tinnitus care into your regime, you can greatly increase your chance of successfully managing your symptoms. If you would like any further information, support, or guidance, feel free to contact us, your Australian tinnitus specialist, any time as we are more than happy to help you take the next steps toward a better quality of life.

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