Treat Your Tinnitus With Our Innovative Tinnitus App!

Treat Your Tinnitus With Our Innovative Tinnitus App!

Tinnitus Treatment with App

Tinnitus can often be debilitating for those who suffer from severe symptoms, and there is a lack of affordable and accessible treatment plans currently on the market. That is why the team at Tinnitus Treatment have developed this Tinnitus App that aims to alleviate some common symptoms and assist patients with managing their tinnitus.

By downloading our app on The App Store or Google Play, you’ll have access to one of the most innovative and convenient tinnitus treatment plans available.

Our Tinnitus Treatment app is the seventh and last step in our 7 point treatment plan! All seven steps of our treatment plan can be found on our Youtube channel.

The App That Acts Like An Acoustic Head Rub

Have you ever banged your head and then rubbed it, and it felt better?

Our innovative app mimics the feeling of an acoustic head rub by providing some relief to the pain and irritation that is common to those who experience tinnitus symptoms. Soundwaves bring relief at precise volumes and frequencies that act as non-painful stimuli that drown specific brain parts.

The main aim of this app is to acoustically desensitise your brain to the frequency of your tinnitus, thus giving you a better quality of life.

Use it Or Lose It

Just like going to the gym, you’ll need to use our app frequently and integrate it into your lifestyle if you want it to start experiencing the benefits that it has to offer. Use it for the recommended time periods to increase your chances of seeing an improvement in your tinnitus symptoms.

Sleep Mode For Busy People

Our tinnitus app has a sleep mode that has been specifically created for busy people. Now use the app as you sleep so that you have more free time available to you during the day!

It should be noted that there are no guaranteed results or foolproof ways to alleviate tinnitus symptoms completely, and your overall lifestyle will play a massive role in whether your symptoms worsen or not.

Want to start managing your tinnitus symptoms? Get in touch with our ENT (ear, nose and throat) specialists at Tinnitus Treatment, or download our app today!

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