Treating Tinnitus With Care Is Essential To Your Wellbeing

Treating Tinnitus With Care Is Essential To Your Wellbeing

Tinnitus can be very debilitating for those who suffer with it. Known commonly as a ringing sound in the ear, tinnitus affects most adults at least once in their lives and is especially prominent in older adults who begin to experience hearing loss. The constant buzzing in the ear can cause stress, depression, lack of sleep and poor concentration if left untreated. Tinnitus thus needs to be treated by a specialist who has a deep understanding of the symptoms and how it affects daily life.

It’s important to treat your tinnitus with care for the best results. While treatments are hard to find, Australia offers one of the best medically designed solutions from an ear, nose and throat specialist who takes an individualised approach to managing tinnitus.

Every Case Is Unique

According to local specialist Dr John Charles Hodge, there isn’t a single solution for everyone who suffers from tinnitus because each person hears a buzzing or ringing in their ears at a different frequency. The causes can range from age-related hearing loss to ear infection, medication, stress, exposure to loud noise, or even wax blockage. Therefore, to be managed effectively, your treatment has to take into account your specific cause, symptoms and frequency of tinnitus. It’s important to speak to a professional who takes an individualised approach to each case.

Consult A Professional Who Understands Tinnitus

Many people might be confused about whether to see a GP, audiologist or ENT specialist for help with their tinnitus. If you’re wondering what you should do about your tinnitus, a GP is a good place to start because they can do a general assessment to clarify what’s causing the ringing in your ear. You may then be referred to a hearing specialist. A doctor may also recommend a change of environment to help minimise your discomfort induced by tinnitus. Once referred by your GP, it’s important to consult an ENT specialist who has experience in this condition, and is compassionate and understanding about your individual symptoms.

Dr JC Hodge, an ENT specialist, has created Australia’s only medically designed treatment for tinnitus. He has an in-depth understanding of the auditory system and has been helping hundreds of patients to manage their tinnitus and live a more enjoyable, stress-free lifestyle with his revolutionary treatment app.

The Tinnitus Treatment App allows you to find your own frequency and then manage your tinnitus according to your personal requirements. It’s effective, affordable and can also help you sleep better. Individual results may vary. For tinnitus care, contact Dr Hodge or purchase your app here.

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