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There are so many websites and apps that claim that they can cure your tinnitus, how do you ever know if they work or even if it is true!!

This tinnitus treatment has not just won one iAWARD from the Australian Information Industry Association (SA) but three awards. The award also includes Pernix, the software developers for this treatment.
tinnitus awards

Startup the Year

We won this award because the innovation was generated to address a significant unmet need for the population who suffer from tinnitus.

With just over 20% of the population suffering from tinnitus Dr Hodge has seen thousands of suffers over his 20 years of clinical practice and has never found a treatment he is confident to refer patients to.

Tinnitus can be very debilitating for suffers and can have a significant impact on their quality of life and also their loved ones.

Research into tinnitus is insignificant compared to any other condition of this prevalence, and there is no definitive cure for tinnitus. Market analysis has shown that treatment options range from masking tinnitus to medical interventions with no evidence supporting their approach.

Analysis has even shown that some have false claims and prey on these vulnerable individuals. Our analysis showed that treatments were not dealing with pathophysiological problems.

This treatment treats tinnitus by training the user’s brain to ignore their tinnitus and enables users to track their progress weekly; it is both affordable and accessible.

start up for tinnitus

Community Service Markets

We won this award because this treatment innovation is demonstrating that tinnitus can be treated. It doesn’t matter if users live in a city or in regional or remote areas. Since there is no face-to-face consultations required this treatment is available to anyone who has tinnitus.

Once users can access the internet to download their personalized treatment frequency, they can then listen to their treatment with their own equipment (usually a smartphone and headphones). It is priced at less than a cup of coffee a week, so anyone who needs it can access it.

Users track their progress weekly, so this is a clinically designed tinnitus treatment that is both affordable and accessible.

award and community

Data Insights of the Year

The innovation was generated to address a significant unmet need for the population who suffer from tinnitus.

This treatment treats tinnitus and provides data to users so they can track their own progress.

It monitors how long users listen to the treatment against how their Quality of Life scores improve, so treatment advice can be provided. Valuable data insights are gathered informing future developments and even research in tinnitus. 

This treatment can actually demonstrate how quickly users improve and how big their improvements are.

In addition to the SA iAWARDS we also received a National award for Community Services Market.

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