Can Tinnitus Make You Deaf?

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Can Tinnitus Make You Deaf?

tinnitus affect your hearing

For most people, we find that as we age, we incur a varying quantity of age-related hearing loss. It is different from person to person as our lifestyle, and our genetics contribute to the longevity of our hearing. The age-related loss usually occurs in the high-frequency bandwidth as this part of the inner ear is more prone to wear and tear. This is also the most common frequency bandwidth within which tinnitus occurs.

Hearing Tests

When you go to have your hearing tested, it is conducted in a specialised, soundproof booth. In these booths, you will be able to hear the tinnitus far more clearly. It is in these laboratory conditions that we have seen clients, who are suffering from tinnitus battle to hear high frequency sounds that we have played for them as part of the multiple tests conducted. The tinnitus basically masks their ability to hear the test sounds from the hearing test.

So essentially, the answer to “Will tinnitus affect my hearing?” is yes.

Results After Treatment

We are getting some very positive comments and really encouraging feedback from our clients who have had their tinnitus successfully treated through tinnitus treatment.

A recent client has been using the Dr Hodge’s tinnitus treatment [insert hyperlink to product page] for a couple of months. The client’s tinnitus was the usual high frequency type. This treatment works by acoustically desensitising the brain to the specific frequency of their tinnitus. As a result, as their tinnitus improved, their hearing ability at the higher thresholds was no longer masked by the tinnitus and their hearing improved. In fact, all along, their hearing loss was only due to their tinnitus.

We have enquired about this with a number of our patients. They talk of a greater appreciation of their hearing, and it is a very welcome outcome for them.

The improvement of the hearing is, of course, a secondary gain, albeit a wonderful second gain.  The primary objective of Dr Hodge’s treatment is to relieve the troublesome symptoms of tinnitus, thereby improving your quality of life.

Our Conclusion

Yes, tinnitus can affect your hearing, but it tends to be in the higher frequency bandwidth as that is the bandwidth area in which tinnitus manifests. The loss of hearing is just one of the factors that lead to a reduced quality of life from tinnitus. You may also have a loss of sleep, headaches, an impact on work productivity and an impact on personal relationships.

Contact us today  if you have any further questions about tinnitus, its treatment and sleeping with tinnitus.

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