How The Tinnitus Treatment App Works

How The Tinnitus Treatment App Works

Tinnitus Treatment Training

As an acoustic equivalent of “rubbing the head”, the Tinnitus Treatment App trains the individual’s brain to ignore their tinnitus symptoms. How does the app do this? Well, it uses the same neurological process that reduces the sensation of pain when a person rubs their head after it has been knocked.

As an acoustic neuromodulator, this app first identifies the individual’s tinnitus frequency and then sets out to programme a narrow band noise which centres around that frequency. When played back to the individual, this trains the individual’s brain to ignore his or her tinnitus.

How You Can Work With This App

It is recommended that individuals listen to the app daily to achieve the best results. Individuals can use the app on their mobile phone, tablets or computers, whilst using their earphones. The benefit of using your own equipment is that there’s no need to become accustomed to new technology.

Our ear specialists recommend that individuals listen for two hours per day minimum. However, exceeding four hours of listening time is not advised. Listening for 15 minutes or more per session is advised as well as listening during other activities. Individuals need not sit and listen in silence to their narrow band acoustic treatment, but rather attend to the washing or gardening whilst listening. Using this treatment app should not disrupt an individual’s daily routine, but rather be incorporated into their daily activities.

Before Working With The App

Those seeking to make use of this app must check if they hear the frequency first. Finding a frequency which is right for them, played at a volume just below your tinnitus, don’t forget we don’t want to mask your tinnitus, we want to train your brain to ignore it. Then by saving it onto their device will ensure effective use of the app. Some individuals will be able to hear it in both ears and others may only hear it in one ear. Either or, it is entirely normal.

Fortunately for individuals, the treatment then custom designs the perfect audiological treatment program for them. Once saved, individuals can make use of the app whenever it is suitable for them.

It must be noted that users of the app may become increasingly aware of their tinnitus when commencing treatment, but this is normal, and general symptoms subside thereafter. 

As You Work With The App

As individuals work with the app, it is advised that they monitor their progress. When starting the treatment, the individual would have had to answer five questions about how their tinnitus affects their quality of life. These questions need to be repeated every week for an accurate assessment of their progress. Monitoring their progress, individuals will be able to provide feedback and fine-tune their usage or continuous improvement.

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