Physiological And Emotional Effects of Tinnitus

Physiological And Emotional Effects of Tinnitus

Effects of Tinnitus

Tinnitus can have a significant effect on the quality of life. It has been linked to physical decline, communication challenges, social avoidance, depression, anxiety, concentration difficulties, insomnia, or headaches.

Quality Of Life

Outcomes of tinnitus impacts have included job loss, marital relationship breakdown, failure to keep up with studying requirements, emotional stress and a self-isolation from society. Furthermore, tinnitus and suicide ideation, among other emotional effects, share certain risk factors and stress levels, and this is why tinnitus is being taken more seriously.

Through the decades, tinnitus has not received the attention it deserves from the medical industry, but globally, with the increase in sufferers and more awareness of this symptom, things have changed with a growing focus on tinnitus sound and more research performed on how, and to what degree, it impacts sufferers’ lives.  

Treatment Of Tinnitus

Quality of life is quantifiably diminished with tinnitus, and the effect increases with increasing severity. It is hoped that sufferers will learn to better ignore their symptoms and be able to manage their experiences more effectively with the assistance and medical recommendations of medical professionals such as Dr Hodge.

Dr Hodge is part of the additional global efforts to identify effective prevention, diagnosis, and treatment to increase the quality of life experienced by those suffering from this affliction. His treatment trains your brain to ignore your tinnitus via the principal of an acoustic neuromodulator. A summary of the science is: the program facilitates you to pinpoint your unique tinnitus frequency. This is then used to coach your brain to disregard that frequency.

There is no miracle cure, nor is there an overnight cure.  As will all medical treatments each patient comes with their personal, unique factors and whilst one treatment may suit you, it may not be found to be suitable for another patient. A steady, measured approach is recommended with regular progress check-ins.

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