Ringing Noise In Your Ear? See What Others Have To Say About Treatment App

Ringing Noise In Your Ear? See What Others Have To Say About Treatment App

Tinnitus is a high-frequency ringing noise in the ear that affects many people. It is not a condition but rather a symptom of your auditory system, and most people have struggled to find an effective treatment for it. There are many different causes of Tinnitus, such as hearing loss, earwax blockage, ear infections, or stress. However, each case is unique and what matters is effective management, which has now been made possible with the treatment app developed by ENT specialist Dr. JC Hodge.


Having a constant buzzing or ringing noise in your ear can greatly affect your quality of life. Many of those who suffer from tinnitus experience exhaustion in social settings, annoyance at the constant ringing in their ears, high levels of stress, and even depression. Once you start to manage your tinnitus, with the help of an ENT specialist and the Tinnitus Treatment App, you’ll experience a different relief that only management techniques can make.


The Tinnitus Treatment App utilises online innovation to make treatment affordable and easily accessible. It trains your brain to ignore tinnitus and reduces the debilitating impact of this ringing noise on your life. The new sleep mode uses sound therapy to help you go to sleep. Here are what some of our customers had to say about this new app functionality:

With sleep mode, I go to sleep with the white noise, and while I’m asleep, treatment comes on, and my tinnitus has started to improve. So grateful, thank you!

This has changed my life. It takes some time. I have used it for a month, and it’s the first relief I have had for many years.”

About time someone started taking this common condition seriously! Proper medical treatment from a specialist at last :)”


  • Sleep Mode allows you to treat your tinnitus while you sleep
  • Sound Therapy provides soothing sounds to help you fall asleep faster & stay asleep longer
  • Medically Designed treatment by Ear, Nose & Throat specialist Dr. JC Hodge
  • Listen on the go or in sleep mode and train your brain to ignore your tinnitus
  • Great value and flexible membership. Cancel anytime
  • The more you listen, the better your results
  • Save your data on your progress dashboard to chart your progress

If you’ve been suffering from a ringing noise in your ear, help is just a download the app. Manage your symptoms and feel the relief. Get in touch with Tinnitus Treatment today. We offer many solutions, including our medically designed app, which offers you proven effective treatment.

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