Why You Should Never Ignore A Buzz In Your Ear

Why You Should Never Ignore A Buzz In Your Ear

Have you ever heard a buzz in your ear or a high-frequency ringing sound? You may have wondered what it was, but it should never be ignored, especially if it happens frequently. Failure to address this problem in your ear could lead to problems sleeping, increased stress and anxiety and affect your ability to concentrate. In this article, we’ll take a look at what could be causing this ear buzz and what can be done about it, so you don’t have to live in constant discomfort.


If you’ve been experiencing an irritating ringing or buzzing in your ear, it’s most likely tinnitus, which is a symptom, much like a headache. Tinnitus can be linked to hearing loss or can be attributed to stress, certain medications, ageing, a build-up of earwax, or exposure to prolonged loud noises. You should not ignore the buzz in your ear, but there is also no need to panic, as there is help available.


It is recommended that you see your GP, an ENT specialist or audiologist about any buzz in your ear. A hearing test may be necessary to determine if hearing loss is causing tinnitus and also to rule out any other sinister causes. Early treatment by a tinnitus specialist such as Dr John-Charles Hodge can lead to better, more effective management. Dr Hodge has designed a treatment app that can be used on your mobile phone and helps to give tinnitus sufferers a better quality of life. The Tinnitus Treatment App trains your brain to ignore your tinnitus so it helps to reduce the debilitating effects of a buzzing in the ear and the sleep mode with sound therapy can even assist with sleep.


With over 20 years of industry experience in the UK and Australia, Dr Hodge is also Head of the ENT department at the largest hospital in South Australia and an Examiner for the Royal College of Surgeons. He has been committed to providing affordable and easily accessible treatment for tinnitus sufferers via the Tinnitus Treatment App, eliminating geographical barriers, and reducing the need for face-to-face specialist appointments. If you’ve been suffering from an annoying ear buzz, answer these five questions to determine the impact tinnitus is having on your quality of life, you can also do them with your GP or audiologist, so you can have an agreed plan of care to support you while the app trains your brain to ignore your tinnitus. Contact us for more information on tinnitus, or click here if you’re ready to get your treatment app.

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